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A Few of the Many Benefits of Control4 Whole Home Automation

You have likely heard of home automation, but what you may wonder is if this is something you really need. You may also wonder – what exactly is home automation and what does it include? If so, you can learn all about this – and more – here.

To answer your basic questions:

  • Do you really need home automation? YES!

  • What is home automation? It is a technology that will help to make your home more convenient, safer, and much more fun

  • What does home automation do for you? It is going to help you save time, be more productivity, and keep your home more secure.

Are you sold yet?

Here you can learn more about this technology, along with what is included in the ControI4 home automation system and how it will all work together to provide all the benefits mentioned above.

Stay Connected with Home Intercoms

Unlike the dated intercom systems that used a speaker, button, and closed-circuit wiring, the intercom technology offered by the ControI4 system helps to elevate the traditional view of an intercom so that it will conform to the technology that most people are used to – smartphones and tablets.

With your smartphone in tow, you are always going to be connected to your home’s intercom system – regardless of where you are. With this system you have the ability to hear and see what is happening. The Control4 system has cameras designed to detect motion and you can opt to receive a notification so you can view what is going on – in real time – through your PC, tablet, phone, and more. With this in place, you can keep an eye out to ensure that your children get home safely, if a package you were expecting arrives, or if there is someone nefarious lurking around your home.

Another time this innovative intercom system will come in handy is if you have a babysitter, but they aren’t answering your calls. You can – with the click of a few buttons – turn on all the cameras on the interior and exterior of your home to ensure that everything is safe and sound. You even have the ability to call certain or all of the rooms in your home through your smartphone and talk to the people inside those rooms – just like you would if you ere there. If you are cooking dinner and need to call everyone down, you can do so through the intercom system and your tablet.

To quickly summarize all this technology has to offer:

  • It is smartphone enabled so that you are always connected to your home’s intercom system

  • You can easily hear and see who is at the door and make a decision if you want to answer it

  • Remain connect to your house all the time by using the cameras that are located in and out by just pushing a button on your connected device

  • Call the rooms in your home for dinner or to announce you are leaving

Smart Lighting Control

The use of high efficiency lighting is now considered the norm. With Control4, you can make all those LED lights even smarter. This system provides lighting for the inside and outside your home that is completely customizable so that it will perfectly match your life and needs.

When it is time to make dinner, you can create the lighting scene in your kitchen that is perfect for cooking with the push of a single button. You can even put your kitchen into sleep mode, after everything is put up and dinner is through at night.

As you can see, the Control4 system offers everything you could want or need when it comes to home automation. It is a system that is high tech and innovative to provide you with the solutions you need for a price you can afford, regardless of what your needs may be.

Hi-Def Music Throughout Your Home

Control high-resolution music through your whole home at your fingertips! All major music streaming services are compatible with Control4 and allows you to be in charge of what you listen and where you listen to it. You can have your speakers and other A/V equipment installed in way that people wouldn't even know it's there, but will sound like you're completely surrounded by it.

Voice Control of Your Whole-Home Automation

Take it to a new level of comfort and home automation with Control4's integration to Amazon Alex, Google Home, or any voice assistant you prefer. Control all aspects of your home automation system with voice commands! You can say commands such as "Alex, turn on music", "Alex, turn on my house", "Ok Google, start cooking" and never have to lift a finger.

In Conclusion

These features are just a small number of the many features and benefits Control4 smart homes can achieve. There are so many notable home automation features with Control4 systems, such as controlling door locks, home theater controls, automation-ready blinds, thermostats, garage door, and so much more! The list of appliances and connected devices that integrate with Control4 is endlessly growing.

For more information on Control4 home automation systems for you home in Scottsdale and the Phoenix Metro area, give us a call at 602-748-4040

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