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Leverage Meets with Security Innovators at ISC West

What happens in Vegas…

LTG went to the International Security Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas (ISC West) last week to scope out the most cutting edge technology to bring home to you! It is encouraging to see that security cameras and access control systems are becoming more affordable. Some of them even run on your existing wiring, eliminating the need for new infrastructure cabling to be installed. These two new products really got our attention:

  • Suprema’s FaceStation Access Control System: Billed as “Next Generation Smart Facial Recognition,” the FaceStation is an access control solution. The wall-mounted device scans the user’s face and compares its measurements to up to 1000 profiles stored inside to find a match and grant access instantly. Checkit out on Suprema’s website or watch it in action on YouTube.

  • IC Realtime’s 360° Indoor Dome Camera: View your home or business in 360 degrees! The 2.0 Megapixel ICIP-D2360 camera with built-in-microphone dewarps the native FishEye perspective from the image to project an undistorted stream to the viewer.

With new high-tech, low-price choices, now is a great time to check out your options for security camera and access control systems. The best news yet?


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