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Control4 home automation provides you with the ultimate home automation solution by integrating devices you use daily. With one touch you can dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. With a control4 home automation system, you can also program your house to respond to your schedule and needs without touching anything.

At Leverage Technology Group we offer control4 home automation solutions that let you control and automate your lights, entertainment, security, climate, and much more. Give us a call at 602-748-4040 to discuss how we can make your home smart.


A control4 home automation system combines technology and convenience, allowing your digital devices — such as TVs, audio equipment, lights, security panels, thermostats, etc. — to work together. Your home becomes more comfortable, convenient, and secure when everything works together from one easy-to-use interface—whether it's a touch screen, remote control, keypad, or even your smartphone.
So what does this actually mean? On most occasions, when your family sits down to watch a movie, it takes at least three or four remotes to get the movie started. Once the movie finally begins, you will have to turn off or dim the lights. With Control4 home automation, you only need one remote to do all of that. A simple press of a button will switch all devices (TV, projector, Blu-ray player, media player, receiver) to the correct inputs, and your lights will dim automatically to your desired level.

What happens if you forget to close your garage? Your control4 home automation system can help. No matter where you are, you'll be able to access all the devices in your home, including the neglected garage door. Simply log in to your control4 home automation system from a computer, smartphone or tablet to close the garage door instantly. Turn your smartphone, tablet or laptop into the ultimate remote for your home automation control4 system.


Your movie viewing experience will be elevated to an entirely different level with a control4 home automation system, whether you want a dedicated theater with 4K and 3D projection, 7.2 channel surround sound, or just an HDTV mounted in your living room.

You can integrate the products and services you already use into one seamless, awe-inspiring system with Control4. Simply hit the "Watch" button on your Control4 remote control and grab some snacks. Your home automation control4 system can turn on all of your devices and set them to the correct inputs, automatically. You can even have it dim the lights for you so you don't have to get up to turn them off and stumble through the dark room on the way back to the couch. The thermostat can be adjusted right from your couch if you feel a draft starting.

If you need to go to the restroom or the snack bar quickly, just press the pause button on your Control4 remote control and the lights will automatically raise to 50% so that you can travel in safety. You can pause your movie if you hear a knock at the door and view who is standing on your porch through your touch screen camera display so you can decide whether you should get up and answer the door or remain seated.

The seamless integration of a Control4 home automation system into your home theater will make you wonder how you’ve ever watched a movie without it.


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Lighting plays a key role in creating an inspiring and beautiful space, as well as a safe and comfortable ambiance. Our smart lighting products allow you to control virtually any lighting device – big or small, indoors or outdoors, CFL or LED – exactly the way you want. Control4 home automation technology allows you to integrate your lights with music, shades, locks, climate control, and video—so with just one touch, you can turn on all the lights, set the mood for bedtime and dinner parties, manage your energy use, and ensure the safety of your home. You can even use your smartphone, tablet, or computer with Control4's app to manage your lighting almost anywhere for ultimate convenience and control.

The newest smart lighting control products from Control4 home automation feature a sophisticated design and a wide range of elegant color options to perfectly complement your design aesthetic. The Control4 home automation smart lighting system also offers extensive customization options and capabilities, making it ideal for both residential and commercial installations. A smart lighting solution for your home or business can be customized with custom keypads, engraving, and LED backlighting with ambient sensors.

We are rapidly approaching the end of the era of incandescent lighting, which makes it the perfect time to upgrade your old incandescent lights to smart lights and start taking advantage of their power and convenience. Many Control4 home automation customers say that smart lighting is the one feature that they cannot live without in their home automation system.


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